Statement of Purpose

The Finney Hospital prides itself on providing quality care and continually coming up with new ideas on how to make our patients stay with us better. The framework of values and the organisational structure we work within are outlined in our Statement of Purpose.

Our vision is to safely deliver a premier and innovative healthcare service adhering to the very highest standards of quality care and clinical excellence, whilst preserving the rights and dignity of our patients, giving our employees the opportunity to grow and develop professionally, our Consultant users outstanding support and facilities, and benefiting both our patients and our shareholders return on investment. Enhancing the reputation of Finney Hospital as a Centre of Excellence through successful partnership with our key stakeholders, including the patients, the medical staff and our own employees, both within the hospital and beyond.

We will achieve this by:

Continually assessing our facility and service provision to enable us to deliver up-to-the-minute healthcare for the benefit of our patients, medical staff and employees.

Establishing the belief and practice that clinical and non-clinical quality improvements should be towards safe and evidence based standards, which allow us to monitor and measure our outcomes and service delivery in a clear and transparent way so that we may effectively communicate these improvements throughout our organisation and to all our stakeholders.