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Male infertility is defined as the inability of a man to father a child. Although male infertility may be associated with impotence, many infertile men have perfectly normal and happy sexual relationships. Male infertility can be classified into four main types:
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Many people assume that infertility is a “woman’s” problem. It may surprise you to know that many cases of infertility is the result of a male factor. Male problems may be a contributing factor in 30 to 50% of couples suffering infertility. The male partner will undergo a physical examination to determine if he has any underlying physical abnormalities or hormonal disorders such as breast enlargement, and a genital examination to assess the size of the testicles, to locate the opening of the urethra and to detect varicocele. Thereafter, the doctor will order initial investigations to examine the functions of the reproductive system and to determine the presence of any systemic or hormonal disorders. It is important to note that no semen test can fully predict fertility.


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We are proud to have a 63% clinical pregnancy rate for fresh cycles for women under 35years


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Male Investigation