Fertility Center


Failure to conceive and fertility treatment is well recognised to cause enormous emotional, and in many cases also physical and financial stress in couples.

It can also generate feelings of conflict and put a great strain on relationships. The Finney Hospital has a dedicated, experienced fertility counsellor available to help you at all stages of your investigations or treatment who will offer you the chance to talk openly about your feelings and provide guidance and advice as needed. Anything you discuss with our counsellor will be treated as strictly confidential and will not affect your treatment. We also provide counselling for single women prior to their treatment.

The difficulties associated with trying to conceive, and a diagnosis of infertility, can often be a major life crisis. Many conflicting feelings and strong emotions arise and often their strength and intensity are greater than those we are used to dealing with. Counselling starts from addressing immediate issues in your life, including fertility that may cause you confusion, uncertainty or anxiety.

It is important to have the opportunity to ask questions, access information and generally feel prepared for whatever lies ahead. Counselling can provide you with time and a quiet space where you can explore and consider the things that are worrying you.


Essentially, the process of counselling enables you, either individually or as a couple, to explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in order to develop a better understanding of your present situation.

You may discover ways of coping and living more satisfactorily and begin to feel more in control of your life and the direction in which it is going. You may decide to make changes to your life or come to terms with things that cannot be changed. Often such decisions are easier to make with clarity when the situation is talked through with an objective outsider.


Babies Delivered

Medical experts present in the our clinic


Clinical Pregnancy Rate

We are proud to have a 63% clinical pregnancy rate for fresh cycles for women under 35years


Live Birth Rate

Per transfer for patients 36-39 years using their own eggs


Live Birth Rate

Per transfer for patients using donor eggs