Medical Specialties


The X-Ray Unit at Finney Hospital is a diagnostic imaging provider serving the Hospitals patients as well a walk-in patients within the community and beyond

It is our goal to provide our patients with superior diagnostic imaging services in a caring, safe and convenient way. The Imaging Unit offers a wide range of investigative and diagnostic procedures using the latest technology. Supported by a team of specialist staff, coupled with a high degree of professionalism, the unit is able to deliver accurate diagnosis with minimum delay.

X-Rays are also performed on a referral basis.
Location: Ground Floor. Finney Hospital Annex
Hours of operation: Monday – Saturday, 07:30 to 16:00.
Telephone: 0302 950092, 02011 80389

Ultrasound is one of the range of diagnostic imaging services offered by Finney Hospital and Fertility Centre. An Ultrasound scanner does not use X-Rays (ionising radiation). The ultrasound probe emits high frequency sound waves that are passed through your body. As they are reflected back by the structures inside, the echoes are used to form an image. Doppler ultrasound is an additional technique that can be used to examine blood vessels to provide both structural and functional information. Ultrasound is a relatively patient friendly way of imaging and no harmful effects have been found.

For Appointments:
Tel: 0302 950092
Fax: 0302 950092


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Clinical Pregnancy Rate

We are proud to have a 63% clinical pregnancy rate for fresh cycles for women under 35years


Live Birth Rate

Per transfer for patients 36-39 years using their own eggs


Live Birth Rate

Per transfer for patients using donor eggs