The nurses at Jamaica Hospital are committed to providing expert and compassionate care to patients in our ambulatory, inpatient, and clinical settings. We are culturally competent and exemplify the patient-focused values of this institution. Our patients are our primary focus and the way we deliver care reflects that every day.
To ensure that patient-care is coordinated, comprehensive, and efficient, we collaborate with several departments within the hospital. Our philosophy is that patient-care is best achieved when the entire healthcare team utilizes the nursing process and promotes patient education. This has proved to be effective, as our patients receive the care they need, while also having the information they need to make important decisions regarding their health.
We are passionate about the care we provide and will continue to address the primary health concerns of our community.
Nursing and post-operative care are a vital part of the recovery process after surgery. The Nursing Department at Finney Hospital takes pride in its on-going commitment to provide the highest international standards of care for each patient. Our philosophy is patient-centered care; compassionate and comprehensive care, both medical and non-medical, to each and every patient.
There are over 60 staff members comprising nurses, care assistants, mid-wives, laboratory technicians and technicians in Imaging, Dental practitioners and Specialists. In addition, there are our ward porters who escort patients to and from various medical departments for their treatments.

Patient-Centered Care

With patient’s being better informed these days, they require more information pertaining to their condition and a higher level of quality service. To this end, the Customer Service Department works closely with the nursing staff to provide that service with warmth and understanding, to ensure that the general ambience of the patient’s environment is conducive to speedy recovery. The Guest Relations Officer visits every patient at least twice during their stay, to monitor the individual’s progress and to ensure that their confinement is as comfortable and stress free as is possible.

The Department’s teams of nurses are fully accredited and have been trained in modern patient care techniques by our more experienced Head Nurses. Our nurses will provide for all patients’ needs whilst hospitalized. They will assist with hygiene, provide physical and emotional support, administer medication, explain any procedures a patient is having and advise a patient on how to care for themselves upon returning home after an operation.
These professional teams work in shifts to ensure continuous, around-the-clock assistance to both patients and doctors. This balance of care ensures our patients the correct attention required during the recovery process. As a further reassurance, Head Nurses and Team Leaders are on call after hours and on weekends, to guarantee that continuous, quality care is provided.


It is a fact that a pleasant environment and a happy frame of mind contribute towards a patient’s speedy recovery. Everyone associated with Finney Hospital shares this belief and, as such, will do whatever possible to make your stay as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. It goes without saying that medical and nursing care must be excellent, but modern hospitals must also provide excellent non-medical care, too.
The customer services needed, provided and expected in a modern hospital are not unlike those provided in a 5-star hotel. The Customer Service Manager supervises all administrative information flow (phone operators, information booth, information literature, front desk, translation services and admission officer), signage and interior decoration, organisation of waiting and public areas, VIP lounge, guest relations, transportation and all in-patient, out-patient hotel services detailed below.

Patient and Guest Relations Officer

From the moment you are admitted to Finney Hospital, your progress, your needs and your requests will be noted and acted upon by our Guest Relations Department. During your stay, a Patient and Guest Relations Officer will visit you – at least twice – to determine first-hand your status, your comfort and, if any, your concerns : in such instances, in consultation with the attending physician and nursing staff will determine the best course of action.
Your comments are welcome, too. Please direct your suggestions – or, any complaints which you might have – to the Guest Relations Officer.

Ward In Charge

To ensure that everything goes smoothly behind the scene, on time and in perfect working order, the Ward Officer co-ordinates all non-medical facilities within Finney Hospital. These tasks include Housekeeping (from linen supply to cleanliness of wards and public areas), Food & Beverage, Technical Services ( IT operations for FHFC and patient needs, cable TV service, telephone service, air-conditioning supply and maintenance etc.)
Our aim is to provide the best quality medical and non-medical services possible, thus ensuring the best patient care; total patient satisfaction. This is an on-going commitment from all at FHFC.
Information Provided to You
Patients are encouraged to participate in their healthcare procedure by asking questions of the attending physician and nursing staff. The attending physician will explain, in clear terms, all aspects of their care and condition and all proposed tests, procedures and medication (and the cost consequences where applicable) before any such action is undertaken.

Respect of confidentiality

A patient’s privacy, personal dignity and liberty are strictly enforced throughout their stay or consultation. All such information is treated as confidential and will only be shared on a need to know basis with the relevant hospital personnel.

Complaints and Suggestions

Our Patient and Guest Relations Manager is always available to you, should you have any complaints or suggestions to make. At Finney Hospital, we take any and all complaints and suggestions very seriously and act upon them in a prompt and positive manner.
We encourage such dialogue as it is in keeping with our stated goal of continuously striving to provide premier medical and non-medical services to our patients